Pacific Blues with Chef Katherine

Pacific Blues was a nationally syndicated television series that showcased sport fishing in Kona Hawaii. A number of the show's episodes featured a cooking segment with Outrageous Gourmet's own Chef Katherine.

Episode 1 - How to Cook Seered Ahi Tuna

Want to know how to properly cook seared Ahi? This brief video was featured on the TV Series-Pacific Blues on how to cook the perfect seared Ahi and then smoke the fish.

Episode 2 - How to cook Fresh Catch Fish, Hawaiian Ono

Want to learn some cooking tips on how to cook that Ono you caught on your Hawaiian vacation? Tune in for ideas on how to pan sear Panko Crusted Ono (or Wahoo) and make a Lilikoi or Passion Fruit Sauce.

Episode 3 - How to make Asian Steamed Fish, Mahi Mahi

Cooking tips from Outrageous Gourmet on making the classic Asian steamed fish, "Drunken Sizzling" with Fresh Catch, Hawaiian Mahi Mahi.

Episode 4 - How to grill Fresh Catch, Hawaiian Swordfish

Want to learn how to grill moist fish? Tune in and learn cooking tips on how to grill Hawaiian Swordfish - also known as Shutome.

Episode 5 - How to make creative Sashimi Appetizers (Pupus)

Need new ideas on how to serve fresh fish Sashimi style? Tune in for new ideas to create a simple, fun and delicious appetizer for your Hawaiian Fresh Catch.